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Family Protection error E150/Not an Administrator


Please, Please can you possibly help!! I have installed Family Protection V1.1 which has come free with my BT Broadband account. It is listed under my Mcafee account as Family Protection from BT- Number of installs (3).

I installed it, but cannot activate it or remove it. I "believe" the admin account details used to install are correct, as if i click on "forgot password" , i get an email with my email address and password, yet trying to log in gives the message "this user is not an administrator" or error E150- contact support.

I contacted BT support who passed me straight to Macfee, and after 40 mins online chat, Mcafee "tech support"- I use the term loosely, said i need to contact BT...arrghh.

So now, I have a program that is nagging to be activated/configured which i cannot do, or uninstall because it reckons the details are wrong and/or need a code to remove.

Can someone possibly please help- this was intended for my kids machines, but at the moment, it is driving me/them mad!!

Can someone from Mcafee support please reset the admin account for Family Protection ONLY?



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