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Family Protection Not Tracking Activity

I have been having problems with my computer and  have uninstalled reinstalled everything several times in order to get rid of FastTrack File Sharing.   Somehow it keeps coming back.  McAfee Family Protection is what has been detecting it.  Last Night I reinstalled the OS again (Windows 7) and McAfee Security Center and McAfee Family Protection.  Now Family Protection shows nothing when I view usage reports.  Everything is a zero.  0 used programs, 0 banned,  0 websites visited, etc. 

Why has Family Protection stopped working all together?



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Re: Family Protection Not Tracking Activity

Just curious if you have used the MCPR removal tool when you removed your McAfee software? MCPR will remove any traces that fail to completely remove via the normal uninstall.

McAfee has published a document to assist in virus and malware issues

please be sure to follow the recommendations and be sure to run the Stinger scan. You might also want to get a second opinion from this free program After installation check for the latest updates and run the program and let it clean everything it finds and reboot the computer.

You might also try to uninstall McAfee again and run MCPR and then reinstall McAfee again to see if your issue is resolved. Let us know how it goes for you.

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