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Extreme performance loss after installing MFP

After installing McAfee Family Protection, I noticed an extreme loss of performance in Internet Explorer 10 and FireFox 22.0

A page (like normally loads in a fraction of a second.  After installing MFP it takes up to 4 minutres and more!  Login to hotmail normaly takes a couple of seconds, now it takes over 2 minutes...

If there is no solution for this performance loss, I will have to uninstalle MFP and ask for a refund.

Please sens me any tips and tricks ...

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Re: Extreme performance loss after installing MFP

The best thing you can do is switch to NIS (Norton Internet Security). It has all the AV and it has family protection which is much easier to use.  MFP really bogs down a computer.   We had the original software that MFP is based upon (SafeEyes) for 5 years and it worked fairly well.  when mcafee took over, the entire thing crumbled.  we use NIS anyway and it is much less intrusive and far better performing while providing a good level of family safety.  Much better integration with the AV software too. Good luck.

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Re: Extreme performance loss after installing MFP

Hello Joris and a belated welcome to the McAfee Forums!

     Until some of our more knowledgeable members and Moderators can arrive to provide you with further input, may I suggest you contact McAfee Technical Support via the "Useful Links" tab shown at the top of the page, if you have not already done so and still are experiencing problems.  Tech Support is free by online chat or phone.

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