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Easy way to break new version of Mcafee Family Protection and view Porn Images

I originally purchased Mcafee Family Protection due to its excellent filtering of search engine results. This was after testing 12 different Parental Control software suites. It was the only software that did not show indecent images when performing simple searches in Google. However, since I have installed the new version, this no longer works.

My settings are as follows:

All website categories blocked apart from:



Job Search


Search Engines (Search Terms IS blocked)



Safe Searched Enabled

In advanced settings

Block profanity

Block sexually suggestive terms

Now goto Google, select "Images" and then type "Shaved Beaver" or "Topless Model" or something similar.

The images displayed, I certainly wouldn't want my children to see.

Not sure what has gone wrong with the new version!?

on 02/05/11 6:59:32 EDT AM
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Re: Easy way to break new version of Mcafee Family Protection and view Porn Images

I think you may have a slightly different product from the one I have, and I don't have much experience with Family Protection (I'm the only user on my PC). But I checked the settings in my version, and they're different from the ones in the previous version of Security Center. There used to be an option which would enforce Strict Filtering in Google's SafeSearch, including filtering of images. When I first got McAfee I played around with the settings to see what they did, and that filtering did work. I don't see that option now.

You say you purchased Family Protection - is it part of a McAfee package or is this a standalone product?  And what version(s) of McAfee have you got? If this is a new version of Family Protection I'll have to find someone inside McAfee who knows how it works.

on 02/05/11 6:59:03 EDT AM
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