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Admin details not accepted to "Turn of Family Protection", but are to open "Open Administrator"

Product: McAfee Family Protection

Hi guys - I have had no joy with chat support, on this issue, first agent told me to uninstall and reinstall, second agent said sorry we don't support this for free, you bought it through BT speak to them (even though it was downloaded and installed direct from the McAffee website!).

Anyway while I try and contact BT I thought I would throw it to you guys.

The issue is when I right click on the system tray icon, on selecting the "Turn off Family Protection" my administor id and password are not recognised.  However when selecting the "Open Administrator" option on the right click menu, I can log in and amend the settings etc.  I have tried resetting the password a couple of times, and again the new password is always accepted to log in as administrator and change settings, however it is never recognised on the "Turn off Family Protection" login screen.

An underlying issue which may give a clue is that the reason I want to do this is when logged the computer on as me (with computer admin rights) I came across a website it said it was blocking, even though I have no blocking controls set on my family protection login.  The categories it gives me on the "You've been blocked" info screen are "loophole, murder/suicide and violence".  I have double checked the blocked categories settings page, and have confirmed there are no ticks against the last two categories (indeed no ticks anywhere!).  However, I cannot even find a "loophole" category.  Could this be a versioning issue?  I seem to remember some time ago I must have upgraded the product (probably when my old laptop died and I got another) as I remember looking at a slighlty different style of screen some time back.  (The site I was trying to access is, which it still blocks even when I add it to my allowed websites list.)

As mentioned, so far I have uninstalled (the normal way with ununstall code) and rebooted a couple of times for good measure.  I have also un the McAfee removal tool (in normal and safe mode!).  However, on each reinstall I get the same issue.

I am running XP Home edition

Any help much appreciated.

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Re: Admin details not accepted to "Turn of Family Protection", but are to open "Open Administrator"

I am not familiar withBT but am curious as to whom they are.

By chance do you have any session id numbers with chat you could post? Maybe someone will chime in here to help you more but in the meantime I am just trying to gather some facts to help them help you.

Would you be willing to give Chat another chance? Maybe the particular agents you have already contacted on this issue are not up to speed as they should be. Just a thought

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Re: Admin details not accepted to "Turn of Family Protection", but are to open "Open Administrator"

Tom - not sure if they are the session Ids, but I have the following SR-685156556 SR-685105658 from the automated email I got at the start of the sessions.

As for BT, that is "British Telecom" in the UK.  I may try chat another chance at some point

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