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Level 7

wscript.exe - new virus that McAfee cant see

wscript.exe instalds to C:\windows\system32 into my computer and creates in C:\ files autoexec.bat and report.vbi so when you use drives C or other (any hard drives) it shows a message "infected" and doesnt allow to access to the date of the computer. i won this virus Smiley Happy, but McAfee has not seen it at all! virus joins to autoloader and when you switch your computer on it blocks all other drives, besides that it loads files to C:\windows\prefetch\wscript.exe-329.... you can delete it by switching off process of the task manager and delete all files above as quick as possible.

kind regards

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Level 12

Re: wscript.exe - new virus that McAfee cant see

Please send us the infected files (not the prefetch file) - you can submit them here.



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