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what is jqhrulhwe.xex?

got a program starting and stopping on my computer that is listed as: jqhrulhwe.exe *32    Description is Google chrome

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Re: what is jqhrulhwe.xex?

The name is similar - just a string of random characters - to those names Google gives to its browser extensions, but is shorter than the ones I see installed here.

Before saying it's malware, better check to see what extras you've got in Chrome and what names they've got. Click on the barred symbol at upper right in Chrome and select "More Tools" --> Extensions. Run through the list and check to see what name each extension has. Then repeat the check for plugins by entering "chrome://plugins" in the address bar.

The name you give produces no hits at all when I search for it so it may be a truly random filename, specific to your system.

If you can't see that name anywhere you'd better report this to Google. From the barred-symbol dropdown menu select "Report an Issue" and use the report window to describe this. If possible locate that exe file on your system and upload it to Google via that window so they can examine it.

Chrome Report Issue window.png

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