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virus found in dll in one pc only

I'm trying to copy two files on a xp virtual machine with mcafee av 8.7i version 5400.1158 dat 6504

the files are AVManager.dll and FWManager.dll and they get deleted because mcafee finds a virus.

What I don't understand is that I tried to copy the same files on 3 other computers with the same antivirus version and same dat and I don't get any message, and if I turn mcafee services off, copy the files and then scan them, the antivirus says the files are clean.

what could be the problem?

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Re: virus found in dll in one pc only

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Re: virus found in dll in one pc only


Please let us know the detection you found while copying the files. Also, zip the quarantined & original files with password 'infected' and send these to and mention the recevied 7 digit ID in this thread.


Nitin Kumar

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