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unwanted pup

Hi, I am new to this site so here goes. I after contacting three chat people and after running a full scan at the McAfee technical support center and it not showing any viruses am still having issues and no end in site. I after a complete scan with my software show a potentially unwanted program. This can not be completely removed and I worry that it could lead to other trouble. it is a generic pup from windows and I want to know if it is harmful. Thank you
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RE: unwanted pup


What is the name and location of the PUP, have you checked in add/remove?

RE: unwanted pup


If you get any pop up messages regarding the infections or pup, please try the below steps:

Open Internet Explorer > Click on Tools> Click on Internet options > Delete the temporary Internet files.

Click on the below link and follow the steps to perform the scan in DOS mode.

For Vista Operating System: [/URL]""

For Windows XP Operating System:

Kindly revert back to us if you need more help