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trojan detected no delete

I'm using virus scan plus, I'm not sure of the rest as I don't know how to find that info. I have a trojan (Spyagent.ev / Irmonex.dll )and I can't delete it. I can't update windows and when I scanned in safe mode my mcafee screen came up with red and the message was Real-time scanning is off. When I tried to turn it on, it just kept turning off. I looked this trojan up, and it was Identified in dec. of  2009. I paid 89.95 dollars 2 weeks ago to have someone clean my computer, he said it was clean. Now why did I get this trojan? I'm not understanding how this virus program works if it keeps letting things into my computer/or am I not doing something I should be???

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Re: trojan detected no delete

If it's the 2009 version (square taskbar icon) double-click the icon to open SecurityCenter then click About in the lower right-hand corner to check the versions of each application.

If it's the 2010 version (shield-shaped icon) double-click as above then click Navigation at top right, then About at left to get the various versions.

Real-time protection showing off in Safe Mode would be normal as most processes don't load in that mode, including SecurityCenter

Follow the steps in this document first:

If that doesn't help then download, install and update, then run the FREE version of THIS software.

Let it remove everything it finds and reboot if asked to.

No anti-virus application is proof against everything out there, one has to be really careful.

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