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I have been using Google Chrome as my browser and recently noticed my homepage was switched to  I also noticed that I can no longer get my browser to access pages under https.  While in Chrome there's a red line crossing out https.  I looked it up online and there's a notice on Norton's website that says this is due to a virus.  I downloaded McAfee and did a search and nothing here comes up with it.    One of the norton users said the virus scan didn't come up with anything and they were told to download norton's power eraser program.  After using the program the user said the problem was resolved.  Has anyone here ever heard of this before?  does anyone know of any solutions using McAfee software?

any help would be appreciated!


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Re: virus

I hadn't heard of it until you posted and I see from a Google Search that it would appear that none of the regular antivirus applications detect it.

I would imagine that McAfee Stinger or Fake-Alert Stinger might as they are similar tools to the Norton one you used.

If not I would recommend the free version of Malwarebytes and as the last resort file a Hijackthis report on one of the specialist forums that deal with them.

All of the above are laid out on a page I put up here:

It's wise to keep some extra anti-malware applications handy and updated just in case this sort of thing happens.

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Re: virus has a poor reputation on WOT but if you look at the forums and the site page comments there's an active pro-Startnow lobby (genuine or not, I don't know). The lobbyists loudly proclaim that Startnow is nothing but a portal for Bing searches but everyone else (in dozens of forums) is complaining that this outfit is responsible for start page hijacking, browser redirections, and installing a toolbar that it's difficult to remove even after following the uninstallation procedure. According to SiteAdvisor their site is linked to, which really does have a bad reputation.

At the very least this is an annoying PUP, but I doubt it's actually a virus. Stinger might not be helpful, but it's worth a try. I'm not even sure that Malwarebytes would deal with it, although it might. Whatever it is, it's been around (and complained about) for a couple of years at least.


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