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spam barrage!

I've been receiving a non-stop barrage of spam emails referencing "daemon,"  "postmaster," and similar sources. They are all unique with a different "come-on" asking me to open a file or respond to them. Of course, I report them as spam on Microsoft Office 365, and then delete them. Is anybody else out there experiencing the same, and how do I/we stop it?

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Re: spam barrage!

Just wonder if you use any type of file sharing software which often is an invitation to allow spam to infiltrate a computer with unwanted things.

I recommend you make sure you are up to date with all windows security updates and optional ones like Adobe or Java. It is also important to make sure Internet Explorer is up to date even if you choose to use another browser such as Chrome or Firefox because McAfee relies on an updated IE to function properly.

If you are experiencing any issues with programs not functioning properly look at some of the that will assist you getting things cleaned up.

It is unfortunate that we all get spam from time to time but be careful and keep practicing what you mentioned in your opening post.

Tom K3TG

McAfee Volunteer Moderator

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Re: spam barrage!

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