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sarconsogulpe.exe removal?

I paid for this service to keep my computer clean.  What is up with other services offering a charge to remove it?  I need it off my computer now!

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Re: sarconsogulpe.exe removal?

First do not use your email address as your user name I have changed it to stopgo.for your protection. You will need to relogon. Re issue well

try some of these free tools

Run getsusp so if it is a new variant it will pick it up and update McAfee to its details. Add your email address to its preferences then run Malwarebytes (the free version) not the free trial.

Try also some of the other scanners.

All scanners are not 100% coverage that is why using the above scanners occasionally is a good idea.

Moving to malware forum

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Re: sarconsogulpe.exe removal?

As Fellow Moderator Peacekeeper has stated. That on occasions one may inadvertently Download/Install a Potientally Unwanted Program, that is a Borderline Detection not only for McAfee however other major Anti-Virus Solutions as well.

It could very well be that this detection has not yet been added to the McAfee GTI Data Base. By following PK excellent suggestion/advice to run the McAfee Getsusp Tool indeed will do just that.

To better understand, how this may have arrived on your System, you may find the following two articles most informative:

I would also include running AdwCleaner from that list of Superb Free Tools in the Link inserted by PK.

All the very best,


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