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Level 7

removing security shield trojan

does anyone know how to remove this properly?

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Level 10

Re: removing security shield trojan

Hello mmc20 & welcome to the McAfee Community Forums,

Please review the information provided by Moderator Peter at the following link which addresses this type of malware:  The info will also explain how to remove the malware from your system.

Please post back and let us know how things worked out or if you require more assistance!

on 11/02/12 10:16:21 EST AM
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Level 21

Re: removing security shield trojan

Moved to Malware Diuscussions > Home User Assistance for better attention.

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Level 7

Re: removing security shield trojan

Download Malwarebytes anti malware program.

Restart computer in safe mode with network

Install Malwarebyte,then make sure you update it.

Perform a full scan.

Delete everything it finds.

Your system should be clean.

Hope this helps.

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