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recurring Artemis!9ABE5325FBB2 and Torjan Virus


My system was infected with  torjan virus on 5th June 2010.

Following  are the steps I did on 5th June 2010:

a. Runned Malwarebyte's in  SafeMode and it detected Trojan Virus (attached is the log)
b. I  found that Trojan virus also infacted all the applications which runs on  "Start Up", i.e. IE, Mcafee, yahoo messanger etc. the unique thing i  found that it renamed the EXE of this application with a " " blank space  between .exe i.e. mcagent .exe instead of mcagent.exe.
c. immidiatly  i uninstalled IE7, IE8 and Mcafee, yahoo message
d. again runned  Malwarebyte's in SafeMode and it detected more Torjan Virus (attached is  the  log)

after that I noticed that the windows update was not  working, the auto update starts with 0% and then gets blocked. i tried  to update using the windows update site but it's also got blocked.

1.  After 5th June 2010, daily i runned both Mcafee and Malwarebyte's and  found more Torjan virus. So googled to see if any other malware software  will help me to remove all Trojan Virus and found that in Mircrosoft KB  forum "Trojan Remover", I installed it and it removed more virus from  my system. but still it's got stuck to am file which it's can't repair.  the File is WINDOWS\system32\jxlfgdj.dll.

Even Malwarebyte's is  unable to Quarantine the file.

2. and the second issues i found  that Mcafee is detacting an recurring Trojan.Agent virus or Artemis!9ABE5325FBB2 (on every  hours) for a file at windows/Temp/xyz.temp/svchost.exe. I noticed that  this file is getting created on every hours and Trojan.Agent virus is  createing it.

I am attaching the logs for your reference:

a. Malwarebyte's Log

b. msinfo.nfo

c. windows update log

Please help in solving the issue.

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Re: recurring Artemis!9ABE5325FBB2 and Torjan Virus

Did you get this fixed?

I've got the same problem.  DuraJan Kreie

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