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"Virus Protector" need help getting rid of it!

My PC was infected by "Virus Protector" It is a fake scan that asked for $ to prevent. It is a rip off. Now when I start my PC it goes straight to the scan and I can't do anything else. Anyone else fighting this?

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Re: "Virus Protector" need help getting rid of it!

Did you first check this document: Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting? Please tell us the results. also post some more details about your computer. Which Windows version, which McAfee version, whether you got it through one of McAfee's partners of straight from McAfee. How you are logged in as limited user or with admin rights?

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Re: "Virus Protector" need help getting rid of it!

Hello Jubo,

I seem to have this same virus. I have run the scan and stinger in safe mode but this has not removed the virus.  The scan did not identify any threats and the stinger report was as follows:

McAfee® Stinger Version built on Jan 25 2010

Copyright © 2010 McAfee, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Virus data file v1000 created on Jan 25 2010.

Ready to scan for 1491 viruses, trojans and variants.

Scan initiated on Thu Apr 01 22:51:53 2010

  Number of clean files: 238680

I also tried to download the latest DAT file but got the following:

Error: Unable to find any qualifying McAfee Product(s).

I am running Windows XP and McAfee Internet Security in partnership with Sky Broadband.  I am looged in in safe mode with as an administrator.

Can you please help, I don't know what to do next.

Many thanks

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Re: "Virus Protector" need help getting rid of it!

I also have a virus problem. It is a site that appears every time I attempt to do anything on my computer. I have written to them and ask that they remove it and have gotten nothing. I contacted McAfeeand was sent to the site to download the stinger. I have had thing on here for three days now. Anyone with any solution would be a God send. I know very little about the make up a computer and how it works technically.Thanks for any and all help.

I am running a windows xp, a Dell, I noticed the ad for the  AntiVirus7 on my computer after downloading a game from

Real Arcade.It is throwing up several different warnings at different times and won't let me in to my emails or any sites without posting these warnings and I am continuly having to stop and click the x on them to remove them. They come up every few minutes. I am desperate to get rid of this crap.

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Re: "Virus Protector" need help getting rid of it!


Follow the instructions in the link below, IGNORE the ads at the top and scroll down to read the WHOLE page.

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