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"Potentially Unwanted Program Blocked"

I've recently begun getting the warning message "Potentially Unwanted Program Blocked" and all my attempts to deal with it have failed. It apparently results from a program named "Adware-BProtect" being installed on my system and McAfee Total Protection claims it can not be removed.  The warning message gives me three options -- 'Remove', 'Allow' or 'Close'.  Seemingly, 'Remove' is not an option since I've been told it can not be removed and my attempts to do so have not been successful.  If I select 'Allow' I'm told the warning message will not be shown again until the offending program is removed from the 'allow list.'  In spite of this, the warning continues to be displayed periodically and randomly to the point where it becomes complete and total nuisance.  How might I disable the warning message as the 'Allow' would seem to be intended to do?  Has anyone experienced this and/or have any suggestions?

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Re: "Potentially Unwanted Program Blocked"

Let's go with the thread already answered here: 

Locking this one.

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