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"Alert from webpage" spyware issue

My fiancé has little skill with computers was fooled by an advertisement claiming that our computer was 'at risk'. I am not unable to close the web alert pop up. This is making me very anxious. I have already ran a full system scan and have had no conclusive results. What do I do? And how to I close the pop up? Thakn you in advance.

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Re: "Alert from webpage" spyware issue

If it is a fake AV popup the safest way is power button and reboot into safe mode and scan. Usually depending on the versions of malware clicking X to close it installs the payload.

What is the name of the scanner at top of the popup

Some free scanners

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Re: "Alert from webpage" spyware issue

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Re: "Alert from webpage" spyware issue

You could also try using System Restore to go back to before this happened and that can be done in regular or safe modes.

If successful temporarily turn off system restore to delete the 'infected' restore point.   It's mentioned in that link that Peacekeeper posted.

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