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problem with data recovery


How to remove data recovery? I scanned my pc with McAfee totel protection, but the problem isn't resolved.


PS: Sorry for my english

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Re: problem with data recovery

Try stinger here

McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware, Malware & Hijacker Tools

Then follow the guide

I assume this was what you were asking so moving to a more relevant forum

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Re: problem with data recovery

The new variant of Data Recovery scamware is being actively spread using the BlackHole crimeware and also via Twitter and spam. I've just run it on my WM. It seems that scammers changed only two things: GUI and registation key.

The new reg key -> 08869246386344953972969146034087

Detailed write-up on this scareware ->

Manual removal ->

This rogue program hides and moves certain files on the infected computer, just like the previous version really. It could be rather difficult to restore them back. If you use the key, the rogue app will restore your hiddens files and won't block stinger and/or other malware removal utilities. So, save your time, money, and headache and use the key.


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