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How do i get rid of this? mcafee says it cant remove it all. Please help!! It keeps popping up on my mcafee .
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RE: prcviewer/smitfraudfix.exe

Get rid of what? Please post detailed information and describe your issue as detailed as possible. Give details of what/which McAfee pogram(s) is/are installed and on what version of Windows.

smitfraud fix.exe

my mcafee version i have no idea. i think it 2006 . Anyway, wheni do a scan it says i have a prc viewer smitfraud fix.exe . in my c:/ doc&settings. I tried to remove it but, mcafee says it cant remove it all. Know it saying i have a PuP.g? Are these two things virius? and how do iget rid of them? I could use some info please Thank You!

RE: smitfraud fix.exe

Why do you not just delete the smitfraud.exe files and the one on your desktop(if there).
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RE: smitfraud fix.exe

Although you can easily remove either of those items, NEITHER ONE is a a virus.. PRC Viewer is part of Smitfraudfix and a program you have placed on your computer which detects and eliminates various malware. (Probably 'process.exe".) Because it can be used to remove certain types of malware and could be used maliciously, McAfee detects it as a PuP.. It's an important part of the Smitfraudfix program, I leave Smitfraudfix.exe on the machine and exclude it from McAfee's detections.

Hope this helps.