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msn windows live virus

I was using windows live and my girlfriend asks me what the hell ... my window showed her sign out of messenger and back in and I asked her where she went.. and she said nowhere...and asked me what the hell..I didn't know what she was talking about. she said my messenger sent her things she searhced for on my computer with her password a part of our conversation and stuff on it. I didn't see this on my side of the chat window. She copy and pasted it to me what it said came from my side of hte chat. funny thing is... there is nothing on my end showign this. I did a virus scan and found several viruses.. but don't know if they are. Now she thinks I did something to my computer or whatever and I'm feeling upset... because I didn't so anything.  Please help...

on 5/22/10 1:42:14 AM CDT
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Re: msn windows live virus

someone hacked your pc, messenger and or your pc has serious infection problems either case get better anti virus protection and scan what you download. suggest notification to those on your contact list to change passwords run multiple virus scan detectors remove and reinstall a licensed version of your chat client. PM me her email and I'll let your girl know you aren't responsible for this. Good luck

on 5/22/10 2:10:28 AM CDT
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