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mixeraudio winflag undetected by mcafee

I seem to have got infected with mixeraudio.  I was doing a general scan with virus scan and mixer audio started running where it came from is a mystery I haven't been anywhere where there seem to be malicious internet activity.  Yesterday Mcafee gave me the option of blocking it conneting to the Internet so I blocked it and now it is running at boot up my system and showing the message "Winflag socket error: No connection could not be made because the target machine actively refused it (10061) on API.  This opens up in a small multiple windows cascading about ten to twenty times of which I have to end task with task manager.  Can anyone give me some information on how to remove this nuisance as I believe it is compromising my security and surfing? and Are Mcafee up dating virus scan to remove or quaranteen mixeraudio winflag? How much of a security risk is mixeraudio winflag?

Help appreciated!

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