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mcafee recognises many files as "artemis!..."


i have the new mcafee security center. today it identified a file inside the folder of a software iv'e installed for a year as an "artemis! (very long number...)" as a trojan. i was pretty sure that file was harmless, but still i ran a full scan. it then detected 3 more files (all very old, that were scanned by mcafee numerous times before) as artemis! trojans. it did it again on a file with the path starting with "C:\System Volume Information\_restore{". later, it flagged a file i downloaded as "artemis!" and removed it (the file was 100% not a trojan).

now, i know for a fact some of the things that mcafee is flagging as these "artemis!" trojans are false. but how am i supposed to know about files i'm not sure about? i can't figure out if i have a real problem on my computer, or if it's just mcafee acting crazy. so what can i do? anyone encounter this problem before?

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Re: mcafee recognises many files as "artemis!..."


Please follow this document to report potential false positive detections to us.



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