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mcafee keeps saying re install

plz help tech tool doesnt work, I also keep getting  mcafee 3 needs re instaling, and I have un wanted sites popping up!!!

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Re: mcafee keeps saying re install

Requesting you to add more clarity on your issue, please clarify the following:

1. What is the Operating System that you have in your computer?

2. How was the McAfee programs installed in the computer, how longer you have them on the computer?

3. Recently did you make any changes to the computer (E.g.: System Restore)

4. What kind of popup are you receiving (if possible enclose screenshots here)?

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Level 7

Re: mcafee keeps saying re install

I have windows vista.

i re installed it again yesterday, brought mcafee from Argos about a month ago, and keep re installing it.

I read a previous post, similar problem

so have made sure as far as I can see any other sercurity is removed again.

The mcafee doesnt seem to find any problems when I run the scan, yet I can see there are problems!!!!!

Should I run adaware on here aswell?

dont know how to do screenshot sorry, well I google a site and it takes me to different sites.

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Re: mcafee keeps saying re install

Hello seems lke the computer is infected by a redirect virus ; Please go through the steps in the below document and scan the computer and we will find out if it detects any infetions .

Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting


Dinesh K

McAfee Online Community Moderator

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Re: mcafee keeps saying re install

If Dinz is correct this really belongs in Security Awareness. Moving the thread there out of Help for further assistance.

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