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i'm having some issues with updating problems and potential malware...

ok, so for the past month or so, i've had issues with sites redirecting and pop-up tabs, and i do full system scans really often (like between 5-7 times a week), which usually catches multiple trojans. however, the issue remains. the trojans are usually infecting java and/or somewhere in local or locallow appdata. before this all started, there was an unknown program in local appdata called fuarjyjshdw.exe that tried to connect to the internet. i blocked it, but it was then that this all started happening. i ended up deleting the program, which McAfee had no information about other than where it was located and how many people had allowed it internet access. deleting it fixed the problem temporarily, but the issues came back after only a few days. i've searched to see if i have fuarjyjshdw.exe somewhere again, but i do not. i do know, however, that i obviously have something that keeps reinfecting my computer, that McAfee isn't finding/recognizing.

with that said, i've been prompt about updating my McAfee. however, today, it says that updates are available, but it won't update. i keep getting an error asking me to check my internet connection. i did the virtual technician thing, which verified that my DAT is out of date, but also says that my mfevtps.exe is missing. it was unable to resolve either issue. i then went to the FAQ and found the article (written in 2007) on how to get it to update if it won't recognize the internet connection, and followed the steps provided. that didn't resolve the issue either.

also, my McAfee expires in 15 days, which it keeps popping up to remind me every time i try to update, asking me to renew. i haven't renewed, because i've already purchased a second McAfee (for a forth home computer) that i can put on this computer once it expires. i'm wondering if the pop-up is somehow disrupting my update, or if it's McAfee's way of forcing me to renew 15 days early.

so, my questions are:

1. how can i get it to actually update?

2. is there somewhere i can download the missing mfevtps.exe file?

3. could the missing mfevtps.exe file be affecting my ability to download the update, or does it come with the update that won't download?

any information and/or assistance would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

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Re: i'm having some issues with updating problems and potential malware...

Have you tried Malware bytes or superantispyware.These other programs sometimes will catch stuff Mcafee misses.I would download malwarebytes first and do a quick scan.IF you can get to or and run.I don`t think you should have problems updating.Your product is still paid for.If you are getting redirected & can`t update. You have some kind of problem.I would run 1 or both if you can.What version of mcafee do you have?Click on (about) to see when your last update was.Also noticed you said you have componants missing after doing virtual tech scan.That is also a sign of problem.If you can go here  to get malwarebytes or superantispyware.Run them and clean computer.I would suggest you just install the new software at this point.If not you can go to top of this page under useful links and download MCPR tool.Uninstall Mcafee from programs as normal then run MCPR tool.Reboot.Then reinstall Mcafee.If you have windows turn on firewall after deleteing Mcafee.Turn on before going online if you have to download Mcafee from website.


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