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how can i reactivate mcaffee in my wed browsers

my internet went down this morning and after it came back the computer was scan by another program, cant recall the name at the moment, however it that was recommend by this site to help remove Fup/ sweet tooth

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Re: how can i reactivate mcaffee in my wed browsers

Please try the following Removal guide:Remove SweetIM toolbar and (Uninstall Guide)

When Downloading the Malwarebytes (Free) Application. Please avoid accepting any Free Trial offers/Or activating the paid version throughout the "Download Process"

I might add that you can keep ( On board ) Malwarebytes (Free) as it is fully compatible with McAfee,and a (Compliment) to your Superb Protection)  as a second opinion/Not a replacement. Simply update before scanning ,as a ( On Demand Scanner)

You may find the following articles most informative, as how you obtained this (PUP)- potentially unwanted Program:

I might add that as for reactivating your Particular McAfee Product, Technical Support is available 24/7 (Free)

Phone /Chat being much quicker.



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