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have I been infected?

I opened an e-mail "UPS Delivery Problem..." and opened it's file, a warning from McAfee Scan popped up and said "Trojan has been removed". But my computer still turned off and restarted involuntarily. The scan result detection log also indicates Artemis!32D03FE1E249 (Trojan) removed. I ran the full scan again and nothing found. But I still wonder if I have been infected. Did my McAfee Internet Security protected me or should I download some "Stinger"? Thanks.

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Re: have I been infected?

That what come via email was virus. I got one but my hotmail blocked if from downloading. Since the trojan was removed, you could know more of the trojan, if you go to Mcafee Quarantine Folder. Please send it to Mcafee for futher improvement of identification.

The word Artemis+ file identification number does not always mean that the file is infected. The file is only a suspect and it is put into Quarantine. Please send that file to Mcafee. You could wait for atleast 72 hours and try restoring that file.

One thing that I have noticed in the neew Mcafee is that many infections are fought silently and we are not aware , unlike the otehr AV's.

I think your threat is resolved now

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Re: have I been infected?

Marking as assumed answered due to age of post

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