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hacker protection?

Hi, we've surely had or still might have a hacker on a mac, pc and android, as cursors moved, many changes happened.....

I installed on all of them LifeSave one hour ago. Is there a possibility the hacker could have used the McAfee protection link also? Where can I find which devices are connected to my LifeSave account?

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Re: hacker protection?

Moved this to LiveSafe.

No I doubt that very much.  A hacker would use means to bypass firewalls and other security measures, but that is doubtful and really best asked about on one of those independent forums such as this one which I highly recommend: Bleeping Computer Technical Support Forums

However, although I haven't experienced this myself. I've seen reports all over the web from people complaining about their cursors moving by themselves.

Usually it's because someone else is using the same unsecured wireless band.  Even a cell phone close to the those machines could be the cause, so it may not be a hacker at all.

If you are using a wireless router, make sure it is using high encryption with a strong password.

Just to be on the safe side read the last link below and perhaps run MalwareBytes Free and avail yourself of the FarBar suggestion at the very end.

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Re: hacker protection?

I had second thoughts on where this thread belongs so have moved it to Security Awareness > Malware Discussion > Home User Assistance.

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