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hacked ?

Hi,Im new to this but  here goes,

Yesterday,30Apr2011 I got hacked in the middle of a security scan.

The hacker managed to cut off internet explorer and  any progtamme associated with it.

It held me to ransom until I signed up for a different security system.I signed up for it but as it was a scam nothing happened.

While I was trying to figure out the problem,my credit card company called to verify the transaction ,and ,of course it was a fraud,but,they couldnot reverse the charge.

I have to get a new card number and monitor this one until I get a new number.

This is a royal pain!!

Is  there secuirty plan available anywhere that can stop this from happening again?

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Re: hacked ?

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What "security scan" was this?

Download, update and run a full scan using the FREE version of THIS tool and let it remove anything it finds.  Reboot if it asks you to in order to complete the removal of any malware it may have found.

To get your credit card number they would have had to have unfettered access into your bank account or to somewhere where you have the credit card information stored, make sure all online accounts and any desktop applications containing personal information have strong passwords, also make sure your computer has passworded access only.  I find it hard to believe that any reputable bank/credit card company would not automatically reverse any charge you object to especially when it is an unsigned transaction.  I suggest you call then back and ask to speak to a higher authority if they don't do that.

Be extra careful what you click on and what you download and/or file share in future.

Please advise what operating system and service pack you are using and what McAfee products and versions.  (Double-click the taskbar icon to open McAfee and then click Navigate (top-right), then About).

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