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my other computer was infected with a tojan generic.dx!paw.  Scan picked it up and deleted it but the issue is not resolved.  Now when i try to access any sites i.e. virtual technician or free on-line virus removal, from mcafee or any other companies.  Internet explorer will not allow the pages to be displayed and other browers will mis direct me.  from this computer I was able to acess mcafee library and it shows what the intruder put in the registry, but the removal instructions are downloads and the computer that needs the downloads will not let me access them.  (it will not even let me display this forum).    help???

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Re: generic.dx!paw

Can you download the stuff you need from another computer, and transfer it to the infected computer through a read-only media (i.e., use CD or memory stick that you don't mind throwing away afterwards, don't insert them into another computer after the contact with the infected computer)?


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