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I started up my computer this morning and Mcafee security center detacted a malware and removed part of it.  The I received and error message stating that run model error "fjof.sto" couldn't load.  Every since then I can't get the computer to connect to the internet, low virtual memory, iexplore run error, ect.  I've scanned the computer twice and have the current virus signature of 6/23/10 -

I'm scanning in safe mode and it hasn't found anythings at 50% done.

Any suggestions?? - I'm not able to see virus signature or software version.  The computer is very slow and the scan is taking hours longer than normally.

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Re: fjof.sto??

What version of Windows is installed on the computer? What version of McAfee's software is installed and do you have an online account at the McAfee website or did the McAfee software came with the computer?

Did you check with this article: Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting

Are you able to access the Windows Update website here:

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Re: fjof.sto??

I am having exactly the same problem.  Will connect to my home network but not the internet.  Take forever to shut down computer for a reboot.  Has anyone solved this problem yet?


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