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false positive puper.gen.ap!env when installing recent gametap update

Mcafee regiesters one of the files puper.gen.ap!env as a trojan during the installation of gametap, and prevents a successful installation. Help please!

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Re: false positive puper.gen.ap!env when installing recent gametap update

If you're trying to install Gametap I assume you've already downloaded it. If you've got another program like Spybot or Malwarebytes - there are others - on your system you can probably do a scan of the download with a right-click of your mouse and selecting the appropriate option.

If McAfee is finding a Trojan in the download you have to accept that you may indeed have an infected file.

I've Googled for Gametap downloads and I see that you can get it from CNET. If it's a free download I suggest deleting the one you've got and getting another from CNET - they guarantee that their downloads are malware-free so if there's still a problem you can go back to them and ask them to double-check and run their own tests with some other AV software.

Best I can advise but I see you've been asking about this for a while and no-one's been much help.

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