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Level 7 removal

Could someone please advise how do you remove malware when Mcafee does not appear to recognise it?

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Re: removal


                         Moved to Malware Discussion > Home User Assistance > Discussions

                 Please try the following Reputable Removal Guide: Remove redirect (Virus Removal Guide)

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Re: removal

Cliff's suggestion ought to do it. There's another removal guide at BleepingComputer if you run into any problems.

Strictly speaking this probably isn't a virus, or any other kind of malware, but is probably just a PUP (unwanted program).

For the purposes of warning anyone else out there who is tempted to try out the services offered by 4Yendex, their website's About section offers this bland and helpful description -


4Yendex has continuously strived to provide a faster and more accessible way for users to find what they are looking for on the internet.

Our Services:
1. Providing easy access to the most popular and trending sites.
2. Classifying different kinds of websites to satisfy users’ personal and diverse preferences.
3. Helping users to find relevant information quickly.
4. Connecting users to recent and developing trends on the internet.
5. Providing access to search engines on the home page so that users can search materials and websites conveniently.

The home page is filled with section after section of links to sites you might want to visit - news, games, lots more. A bit overwhelming but on the face of it not necessarily bad (provided those links go where they're supposed to go).

That last point is massively relevant, beca​use I suspect that some of those links might take you elsewhere, or to a doctored version of the site you wanted to go to. Can't prove it, haven't checked more than a couple, but still ....

And the reason for my (possibly unfounded) suspicion? Have a look at their User Agreement.

6.1 4Yendex users shall be bound by the laws and regulations of People’s Republic of China (“P.R.C.”) when using the Website and shall not utilize the service for any illegal activities, including but not limited to:

a. Uploading, displaying, posting, spreading or sending in any other manner any information that:

(1) contradicts or violates the basic principles established by the Constitution of the P.R.C. or the territory where the Website is being accessed from;

(2) endangers national security, divulges state secrets or undermines national unity of the P.R.C. or the territory where the Website is being accessed;

(3) damages the honor and interests of the P.R.C. or the territory where the Website is being accessed from;

(4) incites ethnic hatred or ethnic discrimination, or undermines ethnic unity;

(5) jeopardizes any religious policies, or advocates cults and superstition;

(6) spreads rumors, disturbs social order, or undermines social stability;

(7) spreads obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism, or instigates others to commit crimes;

(8) insults or slanders others, or infringes upon the legal rights of others;

(9) incites illegal assembly, association, procession, demonstration or gathers crowds to disturb social order;

(10) is false, harmful, threatening, privacy infringing, or contains contents of harassments, infringements, defamations, vulgarity, or obscenity, or is otherwise morally objectionable, lack of aesthetic, unsuitable with fine custom;

(11) contains other contents restricted or prohibited by laws, regulations, rules and any other legally binding provisions;

There's more, and it's pretty standard fare for anyone behind the Great Firewall; it also only seems to apply if you register for an account (and create a legally binding User Agreement).

But all in all I think the chances of your searches being recorded, your website choices monitored and your browsing history stored are possibly slightly more than you would expect from the likes of Google and Microsoft and Yahoo (who are, it must be said, hungry data-gatherers themselves).

So you might want to give 4Yendex a miss and ignore their helpful solicitations

Level 20

Re: removal


                       Could you kindly inform us if your issue is resolved?

Thank you,


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