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I am getting unwanted popups in IE7-- randomly (and now more frequently) the popups start with a site called "" which then redirects to an unwanted site.  This redirecting appears most frequent when I am using a search box, even the "secure search" one that came with Security Center.  When this first started my Security Center autodetected a trojan and quarantined it.  This should have fixed the problem but it looks like it got around the software.  Since then I have performed full scans but is not picking up anything new.  On googling this issue, I found a solution that involves something called "Quickfix" but it seems very technical-- I would rather reinstall Windows before I try that.  Any suggestions before I nuke this machine and start again?  Thanks...

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Re: controllercenter

As always, I hate recommending third party apps, however, if your next step is format, then I'd first run malwarebytes to see what it finds.

- David

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