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Level 7

browser redirects on start

All browser are getting redirected to ( Removed Link for the safety of others. ) I have McAfee total protection installed and have run scans multiple times, but couldn't get rid of browser redirect. Please can someone help?

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Re: browser redirects on start

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It seems you have inadvertently picked up a 'Browser Hi-Jacker/PUP'. Kindly run this excellent 'Removal Guide' to help resolve your issues.How to remove redirect (Virus Removal Guide) .

You may find these (2) articles most informative, in regards to how this 'Nasty' arrived on your system.

I hope that this helps..

All the Best,



McAfee Volunteer
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Level 17

Re: browser redirects on start

It would help to know where the redirect is going to. Could the poster provide an obfuscated destination (formatted as in "destination [dot] com", so as to be non-clickable)?

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