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Have had this recurring trojan for eight days.  Had Mcafee remote remove twice.  They say we have no virus, but Mcafee detects each time we start internet explorer.  Have restarted in safe mode with auto restore off, deleted all temorary internet files, as did Mcafee remote detection twice.  Still recurring.  Mcafee said we would simply have to remove/delete every day, which does not seem right.  This trojan is still in here somewhere.  Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?  Any help would be appreciated.

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Level 9

Re: backdoor-Edy.b

Hi Gummybear,

Are you still getting the same detection after updating to todays latest DAT 5895?

If yes, what is the file name being detected as backdoor-edy.b. I mean if it is an .exe or a .dll file?

Also if possible, can you please send us the screenshot of the detection and any other relevant information?



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