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First time posting.....

I had a little run-in with Artemis! Trojan. I could not run McAfee or any of my programs except Internet Explorer. I could not run any .exe files to clean it up, or get assistance from a third-party because their cleanup mechanism required me to run an .exe file. I backed up all my data and wiped my hard drive with the system restore option on my Gateway PC. It has taken me almost 24 hours to complete the fix, cleanup and restoration of my PC to its previous state, but I am there! Artemis is no joke. It will overpower McAfee. I did run McAfee after the hard drive wipe, and it found 42 instances of Artemis in the files I had backed up. It quarantined them this time and they are gone.

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RE: artemis

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Artemis is the "Active Protection" component of Security Center. If something new and suspicious is detected, VirusScan refers to the central database and if it can't find it in the database, labels it as Generic!Artemis.
The Threat Center works on it to either give it a proper name or clear it, if it's a false detection.

There's a sticky devoted to it and how to deal with it & other detections here:

I'm wondering if you could have avoided wiping your hard drive by perhaps running VirusScan in Safe Mode along with a good malware detector such as Malwarebytes.

For future reference to run VirusScan in Safe Mode go to the drive or folder in My Computer (XP), Computer (Vista) and right-click, then select "Scan". All you'll see is an extra taskbar icon. Hovering over it gives a progress report.

Malwarebytes and other tools can be found in this sticky:
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