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artemis!106053b00346 any help?

hi all,

Just run a scan and got artemis!106053b00346 trojan warning. Symptoms include slow running of internet explorer, Mcafee scan pauses after first 30 seconds of starting. I had 2 virus warnings this scan. It deleted 1 of them after it quarantined them but could not delete artemis!106053b00346. I'm sure this isnt a false positive due to symptoms i'm experiencing. Also when i look through the quarantined files it takes forever! How do i fix it? Is this a malicious trojan or a rather annoying other piece of software. Also it may be of some help but it may have been disguised as a java update but cannot confirm. All help welcome.

many thanks


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Also just wondered if mcafee has been compromised as the scan in background button has become a hide button and just run another scan and the artemis trojan has gone but still experiencing slow internet explorer running and also forgot to mention when it located the trojan after about a half hour my machine rebooted for no reason could there be more going on here?

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Re: artemis!106053b00346 any help?


The above mentioned file (from the detection name Artemis!106053b00346), is likely to be related to a toolbar application. Would it be possible to confirm if any similar application was installed recently? If so, please provide us the download link to complete package so we can complete the analysis. These information from you will help with our investigation.



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