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any solutions to Flash Virus?

I may have contracted the Flash Virus on my computer after using the Flash Player on

This virus affects all computers using Flash Player, as far as I know.  Can someone in McAfee look this virus up and

apply it to the Virus updates so we won't have to go to extremes to remove it?  I can disable the addon in the Firefox Tools section,

but the virus acquires other virii that are not detected with McAfee software.  I had difficulty operating my computer after turning it on

today, but that may be a physical problem unrelated to the virus.

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Re: any solutions to Flash Virus?

Sorry for the late reply, but which virus is this? Does it have a name? What are the symptoms you see on the screen? Do you happen to have the latest Flash player from Adobe? You can

download it here:

Also, what version of Windows is installed and do you have the latest version of the McAfee software? Check at Microsoft Update if your version of windows is up-to-date.

You could also do a online scan here.

Hope this helps...

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Re: any solutions to Flash Virus?

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