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antivirus 2011

I have gotten 2 viruses since I installed McAfee, the anti virus 2010 and just recently the antivirus 2011 I was able to get rid of them by downloading anti-malware from cnet. Lucky that I had google chrome installed because IE8 was disabled by the virus. Why is this virus getting by my McAfee?

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Re: antivirus 2011

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These fake anitmalware scams are a nuisance and unfortunately they get by all the major antivirus applications because of the way they work apparently.

Antivirus 2010 best cure is here:

AntiVirus 2011 here:

But the best cure of all is to be extremely careful what one downloads, clicks on and what we share with each other and make sure Windows is constantly up to date.

Also make sure you have a good one or two anti-malware applications on hand to supplement your antivirus software.  Keep it updated then it can always be run when the need arises.

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