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antispyware xp 2010

My pc was infected with this trojan "antispyware xp 2010 (ave.exe)" ..

I am dissapointed with McAfee 2010 software it did not detect it, and did not protect my pc... I was not able to get on internet, and trojan keep popping up...

More suprising thing was, I did a scan with McAfee, it did not find ANYTHING. I was getting ready for format, did I scan with FREE software AD-AWARE found "antispyware xp 2010 (ave.exe)" and delete it.

Go figure that out... Paid securirty software can not find it, FREE software finds the TROJAN....

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Re: antispyware xp 2010

Thank you for posting your experience, but the question is how it was installed on the computer. It could have been an ad, could have come with a program you downloaded. See this article which explains how it could have been installed: Watch out for fake virus alerts.

Also, have you checked with the Windows Update website to check if the computer has the latest (security) updtaes installed?  What is the version # of the McAfee DAT, antivirus signature, file?

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