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Hi all,

Im having some trouble with a trojan called  -   ZeroAccess-FAT!D1A909DB8D6F. I have been reading articles from McAfee etc and everytime I try and download a a program to try and fix it McAfee tells me it has a virus.. Even when Im trying to download from McAfee themselves. I am at a loss.

Am I better off doing a full format and reloading everything? Although I did read a post somewhere where they did not believe this to be a 100% sure-fire way to get rid of this trojan.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks heaps


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Re: ZeroAccess-FAT!D1A909DB8D6F

If you have Chrome installed switch browsers to that and try downloading Stinger from the last link in my signature below.

Alternatively you could try booting to Safe Mode to see if System Restore is available to go back to befor eit started.

Another user in a similar situation called Technical Support and although they tried to switch him over to the paid vvirus removal service ($89.85, but good) he asked if they could at least get him online so that he could download Stinger and they managed to install Chrome and he got it fixed that way.

They are linked under McAfee Support at the top of this page.

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