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XP Guardian 2010 Malware

I have had problems for the past several days with a malware program named XP Guardian 2010. Shortly after viewing the "DRUDGE REPORT" I became aware of this as an issue when it started popping up warnings, that at first glance seemed like it was from my Windows Xp security. It even appeared to take over the control panel link named Security with seemed like legitimate warnings of malware and other assorted virus and ID theft warnings.  But when it blocked my acccess to the internet and disabled my McAfee "fix" button I knew it was malware. I finally was able to use another PC to download MALWAREBYTEs free version and the Microsoft Malicicious Software to attempt to fix it.   The MS Malicious software did not detect or fix it.  The MALWAREBYTES software had to be run twice, but appears to have fixed the problem.  The fix time I ran it, it was the download version without the latest updates. So the XP Guardian 2010 resufaced after rebooting, but, I at least then had internet accesss to download the latest updates to the MALWARE software and re-ran it. After this run and re-boot the problem appears to have been resolved,  Any other people with this problem??

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Re: XP Guardian 2010 Malware

Hi Josh,

There area lot of people in this forum who have been recently affected/attacked by fakealert Antivirii, The rogue antivirus systems. The fact that makes it difficult and confusing is that these rogue antivirus systems have a LOT of variants and it only is being added on to the already humongous number of these ransomware/rogue programs.

You might want to browse through the community and read a lot of threads about how to tackle such programs. You can find these threads under the GENERAL MALWARE DISCUSSION forum.


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