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Windows Security Center visible in taskbar after the Win 10 Creator update - How does it affect me?

From Microsoft - reply to an issue from an user:

Please understand that Windows Defender Security Center is a new feature in the Windows 10 Creators Update. It is by design and easier for us to view and control the security protections we choose and better understand the security features already protecting us on our Windows 10 device. Also, we can launch your 3rd party AV protection app directly from this screen. To get more information about this feature, we can refer to the following Blog:

Introducing Windows Defender Security Center

I do not feel confortable about this and asked the question to McAfee Tech support in Sweden, earlier this week but but I didn't get any answer at all. However, I still want to know if there are any actions for me to take or if McAfee will take care of this soon. I do not want to have Defender running together or beeing visible at all wuth Mcaffe installed.

I see somenone has asked a question about this in Spanish as well tonight - but I do not understand spanish - but I think this is a pretty global problem once the Windows 10 Creators Update is installed.

The full path to the excerpt above can be found on:

I am new to this forum, so maybe there is already an answer I havn't found

Cheers Torbjörn

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