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My daughter's notebook was infected with this virus over the weekend and it blocked all the *.exe from activated.

However, I was able to login as another user. I scanned the notebook with Mcafee, Malwarebyes and Spy Sweeper.

Nothing works. They don't seems to able detect/remove the virus.

Any help please?


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Re: Win32/Nuqel.E

Two immediate questions :

1. When you logged in as another user did that user have the same privileges on the notebook as your daughter's account, or greater privileges?

2. Have you seen any messages from or about "Antivirus Suite"?  If you see any any, ignore them : it's a rogue program that will try to get you to buy it to fix "problems" that frequently include Win32/Nuqel.e

Malwarebytes used to fix this, although you may have encountered an updated version that tries to disable Malwarebytes; equally likely is that the account you were using did not have sufficient privileges to remove the malware.

It may be that you have the same infection as the one described in this thread - read the thread and, if the symptoms are the same, follow the link to and try the fix that will be suggested there. If your symptoms are not the same, could you tell us whether any other messages and/or warnings were generated by whatever has infected your daughter's notebook?

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