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Why is McAfee not detecting trojan My Security Shield?

We are infected with a malware called My Security Shield.  McAfee scans do not detect it.  Anyone know about it and if McAfee is listening here do you have a solution yet?  This program keeps suggesting there is a security issue and directs you to their web site to download their antivirus software to correct the issue.  It also intercepts an address in ie address and continually reprots the web site (e.g., is infected and suggest to avoid the site till you download my security shield.

Thanks for any ideas on dealing with this,


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Re: Why is McAfee not detecting trojan My Security Shield?

I have the same problem, and would like to know why this isn't even listed as known malware by McAfee, let alone not detected and fixed. Please help!

Re: Why is McAfee not detecting trojan My Security Shield?

I also have this problem and McAfee wants to charge me extra to find and delete this thing.

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Re: Why is McAfee not detecting trojan My Security Shield?

Same problem here. Using 8.7.1 Patch 3 and current DAT's, but it walks right trough undetected.

Manually remove or using something as Malwarebytes is'nt the solution if you're managing 2000+ worksttations.

Bit disappointed so far.......

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Re: Why is McAfee not detecting trojan My Security Shield?

I agree why would they tell us in their own forums that the only way to get rid of it is going to a third party website (bleeping and then install a competitors virus scan product Malwarebytes. In order to remove it.   I am very disappointed in McAffee I thought since I am paying their annual subscription fee some kind of support would be nice.  Turns out on the web page they want me to pay them to fix what their program should have stopped in the first place.

Re: Why is McAfee not detecting trojan My Security Shield?

There are Four Main Security Programs that should be installed by every computer user upon first accessing the internet.

They are: Personal Paid Firewall, Antivirus, and a AntiSpyware Program(I use SpywareBlaster and SuperAntiSpyware).

McAfee specializes in firewall and antivirus mainly, they add the perk of catching basic spyware as complimentary, and site advisor.

SpywareBlaster(host file program) is free, and it stops web pages from even opening if they are considered dangerous. And likewise, SuperAntiSpyware is a free spyware scanner, and it will catch anything  on your computer that's considered an invasion of any sort.  Furthermore, Firefox Browser is a very secure web browser and will stop majority of these web pages from opening also in retrospect.

Okay we have:

1.Firewall Software

2.Antivirus Software

3.AntiSpyware Software

4.Brain Software:

   This is last, but not least, and should be relatively considered first. Using common sense while surfing the web. And not limited to, going to high probabilty sites that are known to maybe contain pests. And simply knowing that more than likely you should not have clicked on this or that certain link, or not clicking on install from a popup and etc...

Hope this helps,


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Re: Why is McAfee not detecting trojan My Security Shield?

Why is [AV vendor] not detecting [given threat] is a common question.

The answer involves:  "Basically because it's hard, it's a necessarily reactive process that involves a new/unknown threat being submitted to them, analyzed and added to DAT signatures, and unfortunately AV is arguably dead and failed technology.    But it's still a necessary baseline."

But a better question to ask is "why did my computer manage to get infected with My Security Shield?"  

If you haven't installed the latest patches for all Windows components, and nearly more importantly, the part that most forget--web plugins like Java (uninstall if you dont' use Java apps), Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Apple Quicktime and like-- then you don't really have a chance these days.  AV won't save you because the advantage is to the attackers--repacking exploits and threats is trivial and variants come out daily at such a dizzying pace, there's no way they can ahead of the threat.  If however you close the vulnerabilities  that are being exploited,  you don't have to rely so much on a  necessarily broken technology of AV to try to catch every exploit variant that comes down the pike.

That said, however, if you've discovered a piece of malware and you want it detected,  submit a sample to McAfee and become part of the solution.   here's how: