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What to do after a quarantine?

Hello Everyone:

I had a pretty nasty malware attack which required me to remove the drive from the computer and hook it up as a slave drive to another computer.  Using the new master drive I was able to run a viral check on the infected slave drive, and I came up with the following results:

Adware-GameSpyArcade (PUP)

generic!bg.eyk (Trojan)

Generic.dx (Trojan)

McAfee lists these as relatively low threat, but they were still a major pain in the butt to deal with.

McAfee offered the opportunity to remove GameSpyArcade, which I did, and I hope it is gone for good.  The two trojans, however, it did not offer to remove; it only offered to quarantine them, which I did.

The slave drive does not have McAfee installed on it yet.  I intend to install McAfee after I put the slave drive back in it's main machine (as the master drive) because I couldnt get any antiviral protection into it after the attack.

Before putting the slave drive back into the original machine (still without antiviral protection) I want to make sure everything is completely clean and removed, so I need to get the quarantined trojans out of the system completely.

Can anyone show me how to get the quarantined files removed please?

Thank you!


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Re: What to do after a quarantine?

Hi Willster,

All product-related questions and comments can be addressed through technical support and customer service, including:

  * Product installation and update questions

  * Product usage questions

  * Specific operating system/version questions

  * Assistance with detection and cleaning or removal of viruses or trojans

Please use the following link to reach our technical support group for McAfee products.

Corporate Customers:


Single User/Home User:


To ensure that you have the maximum available capability of detecting and cleaning this malware on your system, please make sure you have the latest engine.

DAT updates are available at:



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Re: What to do after a quarantine?

Can I ask why the answer can not be listed here ?

We too had a file quarantined the other week, and would like to know how / when to remove the file


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Re: What to do after a quarantine?

You can delete them from the Quarantine folder.

Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

Click Advanced Menu (bottom)

Click Restore (left)

Click Files (top left)

The quarantined items will be listed at right and can be removed using the options at the bottom right.

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