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What the *&(^%^# is going on?

I would appreciate if somebody could help me.

It started yesterday. When I did a search in Google, for anything, it would bring me to a results page, but when I clicked on certain results it would redirect me to a "" or "" or something like that where if I had Google searched, let's say, Tom Hanks' Twitter, it would try to sell me Tom Hanks' Twitter and things related to Tom Hanks Twitter. I obviously thought this was weird.

Then, when starting up my computer, I would get a message asking me if I want to run: "Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830), Microsoft Corporation "C:\Windows\System32\mrt.exe" /R/RE" Seeing as I'm a complete idiot and have been fooled by fake pop-ups claiming to be virus removal tools before, I canceled it. I ran Ad-Aware and McAfee full system scan, they detected a few things and removed them.

Apparently those were not the issues. Because suddenly I couldn't load web pages on any browser, not Firefox, not Internet Explorer, nothing. It wouldn't give me an error message, or could not load, just a blank white page and a "Done." at the bottom letting me know it's done loading.

So, frustrated, I tried restarting, and still got the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool message upon start-up. Doing some research on my iPhone, as my browsers no longer functioned, I discovered that mrt.exe is a legit thing, but will never run on it's own, only if you prompt it to. So, I went directly to the mrt.exe file and ran it overnight. When I woke up it said it had discovered one issue and fixed it. Great. But my browsers still are useless.

Even more frustrated, I System Restored to two days ago when none of these issues were happening. And it worked! No more Malicious Software Removal Tool message at start-up, my browsers were back to normal!


I get a notification from McAfee that my "Real-Time Scanning" in the Security Center has been turned off. Just by itself. Great. So I turn it back on, and after about two seconds, it turns itself back off again before my eyes. Wonderful. I got to the McAfee support page, I download the Virtual Technician and run it. It found two problems and fixed them. Wonderful! Now my Real-Time Scanning stays on...


The browser issues are back. I can't load anything. I am typing this from a friend's computer because I can not access McAfees page on my own due to this idiotic issue.

I tried doing a fee-based technical support call, (the cheapest one), got a service request number and order number, but when I call the number and I press 1 for Windows, it transfers me to just weird room-tone. Seriously, it sounds like somebody just left a phone in a dungeon and that's what I'm listening to. No music, no "We'll be right with you." Just weird ominous room-tone. This went on for five minutes before, ALAS, a RING! And then several BEEP BEEP BEEPs letting me know my call was ended. I haven't tried calling back. I came here.

Technology is not agreeing with me today, can somebody please, PLEASE, help me here.

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Re: What the *&(^%^# is going on?

MRT can be activated if certain infections are detected, however one has to remember that it's as old as the last monthly big "Microsoft Update Tuesday" set of updates so may not remove it completely.

What operating system and service pack is this?

System Restore is great as long as you immediately update time-sensitive applications that depend on updates - McAfee being one of those. It looks like something deeper is at the root of this.

Try the following:

Try to boot to "Safe Mode with Networking" by tapping F8 repeatedly when booting up.  It's the second on the menu you will see usually.

That should enable web access without the bug, whatever it is, being activated.

Download, install, update then run a full scan using the FREE version of THIS tool - in that mode if necessary (it runs OK in any of the Safe Modes).

Let it remove anything it finds and reboot immediately when asked and run it again in regular mode.

Hopefully that will get rid of this hijacker or whatever it is.

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Re: What the *&(^%^# is going on?

Here's some reading about MRT:

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