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What is “JTI/Suspect.131328” from McAfee?

Using McAfee Endpoint Security 10.6 on Windows 10 it is the second time I got the:



I cannot find anything related to it while Googling around: "JTI/Suspect.131328"

The question: is this a false alert? Or not?

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Re: What is “JTI/Suspect.131328” from McAfee?


Such events sometimes could be addressed as False-Positive but it depends on the exact threat details:

Similar detections

You can find some additional details in below article:

How to identify what rule corresponds to an Adaptive Threat Protection and Threat Intelligence Excha...

JTI means that it comes from a reputational/behavioral check of that scanner part of Adaptive Threat Protection.

If you share all details of that threat event, we can take a look and find out what exactly happened.

Most probably CMD executed suspicious/malicious command within the System32 folder which is important system storage.

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