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What is Artemis!58C767372754 ???

What is this and why does McAfee keep blocking it?  Artemis!58C767372754

When I try to remove it I am warned that it is part of a bundled program and

removing it may harm my PC?

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Level 18

Re: What is Artemis!58C767372754 ???

Moved to Artemis Discussion for attention

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Level 7

Re: What is Artemis!58C767372754 ??? do I find the Artemis discussion?

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Re: What is Artemis!58C767372754 ???

You are in the forum so have a read there this post explains it

as well

You can get false +ve detections  so if you feel the detection is incorrect submit the file for review

when they reply add False +ve and name of detection to the subject line and request a review.

If no solution in say 3 days post back and I will pass this onto some1 to personally look at it.

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Re: What is Artemis!58C767372754 ???


We apologize for the delay in response this.

The file is now detected as Potentially Unwanted Program PrcViewer. PUPs are often legitimate software (non-malware) that may alter the security state or the privacy posture of the system on which they are installed. This software can, but not necessarily, include spyware, adware, keyloggers, password crackers, hacker tools, and dialer applications and could be downloaded in conjunction with a program that the user wants.

You can read more about the PrcViewer at

Hope this helps !


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